Shopify vs Bigcommerce: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Leading E-commerce Platforms

Get a precise comparison of Bigcommerce and Shopify. We’ll discuss the key factors which will assist you in determining the most effective shopping cart for your business’s growth online.

Making money is the principal goal of any business owner and in order to achieve this necessity, it’s essential to increase traffic. This is why e-commerce store development can open a variety of opportunities by providing a wide range of possibilities. But, the internet is a vast pool with many free eCommerce solutions, however these two of the most reliable and well-known names in this space, and include Shopify and Bigcommerce. It is therefore essential for owners of online stores to look into which one is best suited to your company to the greatest extent.

Shopify Vs Bigcommerce: Which You Should Opt For

Of the more than 100,000 currently operating Shopify store locations, around 60,000 of the online stores are located in Asia which are predicted to reach $1.5 billion in the coming year. However there are approximately 50k Bigcommerce online stores operate on the internet. The debate over the comparison between two well-known platforms (Shopify and Bigcommerce) continues and there’s no winner/loser because both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both:


Shopify’s development of websites provides up-to-date and impressive themes created by highly skilled designers to provide them with an updated and modern appearance. The themes will help you to make your online store more attractive. They are certainly beneficial from a business standpoint. However, there is a drawback in that certain themes are costly and their prices are in the amount of $80-$180. It is a one-time purchase, and it may be worthwhile to make the appearance of the store appealing. In order to keep people interested for longer it is the best way to increase the sale and visibility.

Bigcommerce offers more than 100 free themes however, if you go to the official website to search for these themes, you won’t see any. It’s quite odd that it doesn’t display these themes for free to prospective customers. The site has a new collection of themes, including 28 mobile-friendly themes which is in the middle of the range between $120 and $250.

E-commerce Tools

Shopify includes a variety of sophisticated tools for operating and creating an online store, which includes product reviews as well as product recommendations, and a customer wish lists. All of these are available in the App store. The paid tools also offer a free trial periods to try. One of the most effective advantages of the store can be Shopify Payments, which lets you avoid the need for distinct payment gateways, and provides an their own payment gateway for managing transactions on a dashboard and make it easier to manage transactions and save time. To utilize Shopify features, users will need purchase an additional app to connect it with your site

Bigcommerce offers a broad assortment of standard tools however, they are part of the monthly premium package. This way you will get more advanced tools that offer more value and this is a great thing. Bigcommerce has a few advantages in that it does not require an app from an outside source to access its tools.


Shopify is a specialized team that provides all-hours support to its customers via phone, email or chat. Since its beginning, it has continues to provide the highest quality assistance without hassle.

Bigcommerce is also not further behind Shopify in this respect as it offers 24/7 support via regular channels such as live chat, telephone call or email. In the past, it didn’t provide 24/7 support however, it has moved up and improved its service and it’s a huge benefit for all of its customers.


Shopify is supported by a multitude of skilled technical experts who are on hand exclusively to answer customers’ questions. The best feature of Shopify is the fact that they list experts and will provide the person closest to the user’s location. It is possible to take advantage of this convenience and make an appointment with the expert you wish to meet. If you want an expert to create an online business from start, you’ll need to pay a cost fixed ($500).

Bigcommerce is more popular with less experienced experts compared to Shopify. If you need the basic set-up services, their specialists provide free of charge that create confusion when choosing the most suitable option.

Credibility of E-store Builders

Paying Customer: The term “paying customer” refers to satisfied customers. Shopify has more than 1,000,000 paying customers, however Bigcommerce has more than 50,000 customers.

Quality and Quantity of themes: The Shopify theme is definitely an award-winning company in the area of themes’ high-quality and quantity, since it provides over 100 premium and gratis themes, which are regularly updated with the latest technology and are available for free previews without signing up or registration. However the 100+ themes from Bigcommerce, a majority themes are not up-to-date despite the most recent themes that are free and paid, launched in 2014, March.
The Free Trial Time: The fixed trial duration determined by Shopify is 14 days however, Bigcommerce offers 15 days.

Which One is Better For Ultimate Online Business Growth, Shopify or Bigcommerce?

Both platforms will help you create an innovative and profitable online store, however when we look at some positive factors such as expert advice and paying customers and paying customers, Shopify is the better choice. Shopify has a solid base and recognition. We suggest you take a couple of hours to test the free trial and test each platform to determine which is the best for your online store.


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