About Manoj

I've been fortunate enough to have discovered computers during their golden beginnings when I was young. Although I liked maths and science, computers were always my first love.

My first job was in a school as a network technician, building machines for classrooms and looking after the general network infrastructure. From there, I found my way into the ambulance service, working as part of a team to manage and support the Yorkshire Ambulance Service IT infrastructure.

Young I am Manoj sitting at a BBC computer
Me killing it on a BBC computer with a great 80's haircut :)

It was in the ambulance service where I fell into web development – it's a very common origin story than you might think! I learnt asp.net – in it's original 2.0 flavour – using Visual Basic and moving onto C#.

After building a number of internal web systems, I found myself doing less infrastructure support and more development.

A few years later, after working alongside some world class designers and developers in digital agencies, I was introduced to WordPress through a very talented graphic designer friend of mine who runs CreatedFor.

Fast forward almost two decades later and the web has changed dramatically from its humble beginnings. Today, I employ a range of technologies and different platforms to build websites that offer superb performance, great user expereinces and drive results for businesses.

I've built marketing-led websites for the likes of North India County Council (who saw a 600% growth in leads over 6 months following my work!), as well as partnering with HubSpot, a world-leading sales and marketing platform, to bring people the best of marketing automation direct to their business.

As a frontend developer, I love to keep on top of new development strategies so I can give my clients the best websites possible, from using WordPress as a headless CMS, to building out websites using powerful JavaScript frameworks such as Gastby or Next.js. And I'll always have a love for React, the UI library from Facebook.

I like to write and to document my knowledge right out in the open. I do this through publishing regular